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What Digger Is Right For My Project

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  • 03-10-2019
What Digger Is Right For My Project

Starting a new project can be overwhelming since everyone is expecting you deliver a high-quality job at the end of the task. With a variety of digger options such as micro, mini and midi diggers for hire, the problem most people encounter is finding the ideal digger for your project.

The extent of the task

Mini diggers are approximately 800-1500 kilograms and are well suited for both home and garden projects for simple construction tasks. They are used for a variety of jobs ranging from digging holes to the demolition of small structures such as sheds or for garden landscaping jobs.

You can use a Mini digger for the creation of ponds, getting rid of stumps or preparing plant beds as well as ponds. If your projects are more complex, you should opt for a larger digger.

Micro Diggers

They are highly reliable and can be run efficiently even in limited spaces due to their compact rear-end design. They have a hydraulic track gauge which can be easily adjusted, minimising the track width to allow it to fit through the majority of the doorways. Which allows access to jobs within buildings, simplifying the work and makes progress faster, ensuring the job is completed within the stipulated time.

1.5ft Mini Diggers

This type of digger uses force when it comes to digging; this is why it a powerful mini digger. It is capable of digging deep. The compatibility and versatility of the hydraulic adjustable gauge make it possible for you to access the restricted sites. This digger is ideal for various projects such as landscaping, buildings as well as civil engineering tasks.

3ft Mini Diggers

Higher levels of productivity may require 3ft Mini Diggers. This digger has a short tail swing which ensures the machine is well suited for working in areas with limited space. The hydraulic boom ensures it is capable of working alongside walls, so there are no restrictions as far as your movement is concerned.

Being one of the best diggers on the market due to its enhanced force and being able to dig deep. Next, to the driver seat, there is a fingertip control which ensures most of the delicate work is done efficiently and precisely. A mini digger is a powerful machine that offers the operator higher levels of comfort as well as visibility.

Midi Diggers

The midi diggers comprise of solid zero tail swing. The forces, as well as the digging depth, are outstanding on the market as a result of improved productivity while the long track lengths offer extraordinary stability.

It's also possible to work alongside the wall while using this machinery due to the hydraulic beat offset; it also contains the fingertip controls. Use a Midi Digger for larger projects. It has outstanding serviceability for extended periods; this would be perfect for your more advanced project.

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