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What are Dumpers Used for

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  • 03-10-2019
What are Dumpers Used for

Use of dumpers

Dumpers are mainly used in the construction industry. You will need them to transport loose materials like earth, gravel, sand, among other materials. The load is usually carried on the skip, which is located in front of the driver. Modern dumpers are built to be highly versatile. They can be used to perform different functions in the construction site such as swivelling to dump and carrying large loads.

The design of the dumpers is straightforward. It is a four wheeled-tracked vehicle which is designed to carry the load and a skip mechanism which can tip to dump the load. The modern dumpers are diesel-powered, and they come with multi-cylinder engines. There are some models which come with additional features such as turbocharging, electric start and hydraulics, which play a role in the steering and the tipping process.

There are other models which utilise four-wheel drive and the pivot steering system. Improve on functionality; the modern dumpers use swivel skips to turn up to 180 degrees hence making it easy during the dumping process.

Uses of dumper trucks

The dumper trucks are mostly applied in the following fields:

  • Construction projects
  • Infrastructure projects such as roads, dams, bridges tunnels and airports
  • Mining Industry
  • Winter Services

Dumper trucks come in different sizes. Their truck bed dictates the type of load which can be carried on the trucks. When you carry heavy loads, you may not fill the truck to the full capacity.

Forward tipping dumpers

They are available in different sizes. You can find them in the form of mini dumpers, skip loaders, lightweight dumpers which can carry between 1 tonne to 3.5 tonnes. The medium-weight truck dumpers can carry a weight between 3.5 tonnes to 7.5 tonnes. Other types of truck dumpers available in the market include the 180 tipping dumpers.

High Skip Dumpers

They are ideal in places where space is limited. Their capacity does not exceed 1 tonne. You will mostly apply them in loading materials into skips.

High Swivel Skip Dumpers

Can swivel the load through 180 and are available in different sizes.

Heavy Duty Front Tip Dumpers

It is suitable for larger jobs. The front-loading dumpers can speed up your construction work.

Tracked Dumpers

They offer superior traction as well as control. You need them in areas where wheeled dumpers will not perform due to steep inclines or muddy grounds.

Dump Trucks

They work just like dumper tricks, but the load is carried at the rear of the dump truck. A trailer box on the trucks is hinged at the rear to allow the contents of the dumper to fall upon being raised by hydraulics. The dump trucks are larger than dumpers, and they work well for heavy-duty tasks. They work in the mining, roadworks, construction, agricultural and landscaping industry. 

You can get the dump trucks carrying loads of more than 10 tonnes. The different dump trucks available tend to work well in various applications; you need to buy one which can meet your given needs well.

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