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Mini Digger Hire Durham

If you require mini digger hire for any excavation or construction project in Durham, call us today.

Our plant machinery hire offers convenient and efficient solutions to large and small excavation work.

Whether you are managing a DIY groundworks job or require long term plant hire, our mini digger hire services are second to none. Speak to our plant machinery hire team to discuss the right machine for your project.

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How much is it to Hire a Mini Digger?

The cost to hire one of our mini diggers depends on how long you would like to hire it. Our prices are highly competitive. When it comes to a mini digger with an operator, the charges are usually £250 or £300 per day.

Although, these prices differ depending on the location with the southern side of the UK being the most expensive.

If you would like a free quote for the hire of our mini diggers, please contact our friendly team on Telephone 01913 561 035 or Mobile 07730 487 397.

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Why Hire Mini diggers?

Mini diggers, also known as compact excavators, they are usually used in construction projects, and are approximately 1m wide and will often dig down to a depth of 2m – 2.5m however due to their engine size and extra weight they can lift more weight.

They typically weigh approximately 1.5 tonnes. A Mini digger or excavator is designed to fit through a standard sized doorway. You can hire our mini diggers for many construction projects. They are excellent for extension footings or landscaping gardens.

What is a mini digger and why you need it?

Micro, midi mini and standard excavators are different types of the same machine. So, what is the need for different classes of excavators?

The variation between different categories is directly related to their size and weight. We will discuss these categories in this series to make differences between these machines to help you to choose which one will be perfect for you.

What are the functions and features of a mini digger?

In the construction industry, the mini or compact digger become very popular due to working capabilities, versatility and easy manoeuvre in the small places or tight rooms where larger diggers can’t work. The AEM or Association of Equipment Manufacturers categorised the mini digger as a machine weighs more than metric tons.

Mini diggers are the first choice of contractors from various backgrounds due to their superb versatility and ease of operation. The list of their use is endless, however, some of the use of mini diggers are utility trenching, light demolition, home repair and renovation, tree planting, and concrete removal, etc.

If you are looking for micro or mini digger hire, contact our plant hire specialists today. Our company has many years of experience working with landscaping and construction companies offering the best equipment for the best price.

The Machines for Hire:

Mini diggers contain wheeled or tracked chassis or undercarriage, boom extension, bucket attachment, and cab. The latest model of mini digger also comes with the retractable carriage. This allows the mini digger to fit in tighter places and expansion of the track is also possible.

Weight of mini digger:

The size of the mini excavator is a great advantage. It can be anything up to 6 tons. Its lesser weight allows a mini digger to be used as a versatile machine.

These machines are very lighter in comparison to the larger counterparts, that is why they can do many types of works on terrains that are sensitive. It causes lesser damage to the ground in comparison to larger counterparts.

The lighter machine is more adaptable to the soft and wet ground where heavier machines cannot work. It is also operative advantages that these machines can be transported to different places easily.

These features make these machines very popular among the contractor and in the hire industry because the delivery cost is much lower in comparison to the larger machines.

Do I need Insurance to Hire a Mini Digger?

If you hire one of our mini diggers with one of our highly qualified operators, then you wouldn't need insurance. If you decide to hire a mini digger and operate it yourself, then you would need to get Hired in Plant Insurance, this applies for both the general public and trade customers alike.

When you hire one of our mini diggers, you are responsible for any damage caused, whether this is to or by the mini digger. You are also liable if the mini digger is stolen while in your possession.

Is it easy to use a Mini Digger?

We appreciate how daunting and intimidating it can be to learn how to operate a mini digger. Here at Ward Bros Plant Hire Ltd, we will give you all the help and advice you require.

We will explain the fundamentals of the basic controls. All our mini diggers and plant hire machinery come with complete operating instructions. We strongly advise that you make sure you familiarise yourself with the operating instructions thoroughly before you start work on your project.

If you would rather not hire and manage the mini digger yourself, we can hire our mini diggers with an operator.

Do I need a License to use a Mini Digger?

If you are having the mini digger delivered to your site by our company and you are not driving it on a public road, then you do not need a license.

If you intend to use your hired mini digger on a building site, you will likely be asked for proof of a competence certificate or proof of training.

Plant Hire Company for County Durham

We can save you money on construction costs by offering plant hire in your local area. If you require a digger to be delivered to you in the Durham area, call us for local delivery options to suit you.

We offer our plant hire services for landscaping and construction throughout County Durham. Contact us if you require digger or dumper hire in the northeast.

Follow the link to find out more about the areas that we cover for mini digger hire. Plant Hire County Durham.