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Micro Digger Hire

Ward Plant Hire offer Micro Digger Hire for Durham and the surrounding areas. Our Micro Diggers offer the perfect machinery for small DIY projects or larger construction site contracting.

Micro diggers are ideal for digging in places which are difficult to access because of the limited amount of space available. The width of a microdigger is only 72 cm and the roll over bar can be folded down. 

Hence these micro diggers are able to pass through narrow alleys, doorways and reach most places, which a person can access. 

Since the digging capacity of a mini digger is similar to that of a micro digger they reduce the time and effort to complete labour work, which would be otherwise done manually. The micro digger can be used with a JCB tracked dumper, for shifting large amounts of material. 

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What are the benefits of Micro Diggers

In the construction industry, more companies are hiring the micro diggers since they are versatile and can be used for many applications. They can also be used in narrow spaces. If a business is looking for a suitable machine for hiring for its next project, some of the advantages of a micro digger compared to a larger excavator are discussed for reference.

Easy to use

Compared to other excavators, it is easy for a person to learn how to operate a micro digger. A first time user of the micro digger is usually able to make it work within a few minutes, since the controls are clearly defined, and easily understood. So whatever their experience level, inexperienced machine operators as well as experienced equipment drivers, will find it easy to use the equipment.

Can be used in narrow spaces

One of the main advantages of using the microdigger is that they can be used in narrow or smaller spaces, which a larger excavator will not be able to enter. Many of the manufacturers of the micro digger claim that it will easily enter through a standard doorway. Both contractors and operators appreciate the compact size and versatility of the micro digger.

Lower noise levels

When the machine is to be used in residential areas, users prefer a machine making less noise. Since the engine of the microdigger is smaller, and the weight is lower, the noise produced by the micro digger is less than the noise of larger excavators. Hence contractors prefer microdiggers for work in residential areas.

Cause less destruction

Since the weight of the microdiggers is far less than larger machines, they are less likely to damage the surrounding area. While steel tracks are used for larger excavators, rubber tracks are used in microdiggers and these cause less damage to the ground compared to excavators. The microdiggers are compact in size, so large spaces do not have to be cleared, so that they can be used.

Ease of transportation

One of the major considerations while choosing a digger is the ease and cost of transportation. Since the microdiggers are small in size and lightweight, they can be transported using easily available vehicles like a car with an attached trailer.


Though they are smaller in size compared to standard excavators, microdiggers are extremely versatile and can be used for many functions. They can rotate through an angle of 360 degrees. Grapples, compaction wheels and other attachments are compatible with the microdigger, so that it can be used for many applications.

Money saving

Contractors will prefer to hire these micro diggers or micro-excavators for their smaller sites, since the cost of hiring and transporting these micro diggers is lower, help them reduce expenses.

We offer our services for County Durham. Contact us if you require digger or dumper hire in the north east. Read about the areas that we cover for micro digger hire.