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How Much Is a Digger Hire

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  • 03-10-2019
How Much Is a Digger Hire

Diggers are used to increase the rate of construction. Diggers are usually available in three types. These are micro diggers, larger digger and mini diggers. Diggers for construction work such as excavation which might involve digging landscaping project or foundations for an extension. By hiring diggers, one can save on extra labour fees and lots of backbreaking works.

Mini diggers also help to save on time, thus making them cheaper as compared to hiring manual labour.

What digger do I need?

There are several types of diggers that you can choose from that is large excavator, midi, mini and micro diggers. Micro diggers are suitable for use in gardens due to their size. Diggers measures around 800mm wide, making it easy for the diggers to be used in narrow alleyways. This type of digger weighs about 1 tonne, and it can dig to a maximum depth of 1.5-2m.

Mini diggers are wider than the micro diggers with a width of about 1m. The digger usually weighs around 1.5 tonnes, and it can dig to a maximum depth of around 2-2.5m. Diggers can be used to lift more weight due to its engine size and extra weight.

On the other hand, a large excavator is the largest digger and weigh around 3 tonnes, and for monster diggers, they weigh 18 tonnes. The excavator can dig up to a deeper depth of around 2.7m. Due to their size, the diggers are not suitable for gardens. The diggers can also lift heavier weights as compared to the other two diggers.

How can I reduce the cost of hiring a digger?

You can reduce the cost of hiring a digger in several ways;

  1. Selecting the smallest digger for the work.
  2. Operating the digger yourself.
  3. Choosing a local hire company instead of a national hire company.
  4. Comparing quotes from different hire companies to get the best deal.
  5. Ensuring you organise your work so that you minimise on the time you use the digger.
  6. You may also consider hiring a digger that comes with an operator.

Although this might lead to extra fees, it might be an excellent way to avoid costly mistakes and ensure that the job is done correctly and in the shortest time possible. When it comes to a mini digger with an operator, the charges are usually £250 or £300 per day. Although, these prices differ depending on the location with the southern side of the UK being the most expensive.

Although if you are not technically familiar with the diggers, it might take more time to do the job at first. After a while, you can get used to the controls and can do the work faster and effectively.

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