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How Does Concrete Crushing Work

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  • 03-10-2019
How Does Concrete Crushing Work

Find out About Concrete Crushing. 

Concrete ranks high as raw material that’s often recycled. Concrete is both strong and durable making it exceedingly the most used than others for many purposes. Some include composite materials used by concrete suppliers, the foundation of roads, ready-to-pour concrete for use in construction sites and pavement - Concrete blocks for the production of prefabricated materials and many others.

What’s is concrete crushing?

Concrete crushing is the process of grinding the concrete into gravel that can be reused and recycled. Our demolition specialists can crush the concrete before they demolish the respective properties with precision equipment like high-reach excavators with attachments. Thereafter we separate the concrete, store it in your site’s discrete location as well as remove impurities like debris. We process the concrete into pieces 18” square to remove much possible rebar and enhance easier passage through the crusher. Then the excavator loads or pours the concrete into the crusher that break the blocks into small pieces by using its strong interlocking teeth.

Once concrete processing is done, sorting of the pieces by size follows as well as the removal of metal that can be recycled or sold by the use of an electromagnet. Essentially, gathering all the unwanted concrete and reusing it is an environmentally-friendly way of getting things handled or done. In other words, assist in clearing waste from your property and making good use of it.

Our concrete crusher plants are designed to handle concrete and masonry of up to 200 tons per hour. But most usually have waste material ranging from 60 to 80 tons. Thereafter we can turn the concrete into around 2500 tons of reusable products in one business week.

Our site’s powerful 1100 x 800 Pegson concrete crusher is capable of pulverising 300 tons of concrete and masonry every hour. We do have highly skilled experts who operate our mighty machine and are accredited per the CPCS (Construction Plant Competence Scheme) regulations.

If there is no enough debris to crush in your site, you can consider the option of bringing them directly to the plant itself. Some of the materials we do accept are concrete, masonry, rocks, brickwork as well as items that can be easily handled by the crusher. Next, we take such kind of materials to our plant: this saves both your time and money from transporting them to the local landfill facility that is near.

What’s the use of crushed concrete?

Hiring a concrete crusher to recycle it is an eco-friendly, cheap method of getting rid of unwanted building materials from your home or business. Our concrete crushing service can ultimately transform such materials into aggregate that can be easily disposed of, reutilised or sold.

The produced pieces that are gravel-sized are ideal for reuse when it comes to road compaction, structural fill, bedding of pipes, road bases, landscaping, levelling, and many other uses.

Besides, you can mix it with sand, water, virgin aggregate, and cement to produce new concrete that is more strong and light than the original materials. Make use of the concrete in your home today.

If you are creating waste materials that require concrete crushing, contact us today. We offer concrete crushing throughout Durham.