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How Deep Can a Micro Digger Dig

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  • 03-10-2019
How Deep Can a Micro Digger Dig

For tight access demands, micro diggers work best. These machines can go through tight alleys and doorways to meet your unique digging needs. its width is around 80cm, and they come with a fold-down roll over bar to get almost all the places that you can get to.

These Micro diggers have the same digging power of the mini diggers. They are designed for light work and reduce manual labour. However, when you pair them with the JCB Tracked Dumper, they can shift a lot of materials.

What are Micro Diggers?

As the name itself suggests, micro diggers are the small machines designed to go down to around 710mm wide. Also, when the roll bar is folded, these machines can even fit your house doorways or garden gate. All these features make it an excellent choice to work in a townhouse or back garden.

How Should Deep One Dig?

That will depend on your specific requirements. The depth of the digging will depend on the purpose of digging. Digging conditions will vary significantly depending on the use. For example, if you are digging to prepare footings or for garden levelling, then you will have to take a different approach than digging a basement extension or digging your swimming pool with nine-foot deep.

Our mini excavators are designed to cater the maximum digging depths ranging from 1800 mm yo 4675mm by eight-tonne midis. However, we need to consider the digging widths and bucket sizes. For instance, when the digging requirement is only 150mm cut, then it will need a digger of fewer than three tonnes. Any larger size than this will not be able to accommodate the small bucket.

Is There a Required Ground Condition?

Before hiring a digger, it is essential to know the ground condition. The digging will be decided depending on your ground condition. If the ground is soft, then you might need a dig deeper footing. When the ground condition is firm, then this is the indication of a larger digger. Also, greater digging depth will be required.

When the soil is sticky or dense, or the ground condition is, very hard, you might need a three-tonne mini excavator. Also, it should come with a 22kN bucket digging force instead of using a 1.5-tonne digger at around 16kN. If you want to remove or break up any surface material, including concrete or tarmac, you can consider a breaker attachment.

If you require plant machinery hire within the Durham or Washington area, contact our mini digger hire company today to discuss your needs.