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Dumper Hire in Durham

If you require dumper hire for your construction project, we offer the best value in the County Durham area. 

Our dumpers are regularly checked for performance and safety. Whether you require a dumper for a road excavation, groundworks or DIY construction project, we can help.

We offer road and tracked dumpers to work effectively on any site surface.Speak to our plant machinery hire team today to discuss your requirements. We will help you choose the right dumper for your needs.

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Construction companies are legally obliged to organise their construction site to provide separate paths for dumpers and pedestrians. The dumpers should be selected based on the requirement, and only trained drivers should be hired to maintain and operate them. 

To ensure that the workplace remains safe despite vehicles being used, traffic routes should be clearly defined at the site for vehicles and pedestrians.

Dumper hazards 

It is observed that most of the fatal injuries caused by dumpers can be categorised into:

  • Dumper overturning - in over 60% of the cases, the vehicle overturns injuring the driver. 
  • Collision - dumpers hit pedestrians at the construction site when reversing or moving forward, causing death 

Safe and healthy use of dumpers at construction sites

In 2016, several serious accidents took place, which involved dumpers for forward-tipping being overturned or individuals being hit by dumpers. After this, an industry forum was formed to prevent similar incidents in future.

Many meetings were held and the forum agreed that seven principles totally would be used for taking the initiative for the industry action plan. This included the production of a publication for safe use. 

A strategic plant safety group was formed at the forum which CPA agreed, would provide guidance for the publication. 

In early 2018, the group for dumper development was formed to develop a guide for good practices. 

Dumper hirers, owners, contractors, users, users, manufacturers, importers, Health and Safety Executive members(HSE) were some of the members of the group.

Reducing the risk

Selecting the right dumper for work is important. The hazards caused by the use of dumpers can be controlled after considering the following key factors:


It is advisable to check with the manufacturer to find the gradients for which the dumpers can be used. Then the work should be planned so that it within the safe capacity of the dumper.


A system for supervising the dumper drivers so that they drive safely should be developed. Only competent and well-trained operators should be allowed to drive the dumpers.

Safety systems:

Drivers should always use their seat belts, and the roll-over protection should be provided for the dumpers


Loads carried by the dumpers should be uniformly distributed, and customised platforms should be used if larger items like drums are regularly transported.


Loads should be placed, so that they do not block the view of the driver.

Wheel stops at edges:

To prevent the site dumpers from falling into holes while tipping, wheel stops should be placed at a distance from the edge of pits, heaps and excavation.

Training and competence

The workers who should be competent and trained in the dumper hazards, precautions required can be classified into:

Skilled operators:

Drivers who are competent, trained and authorised to use a particular dumper model. The driver should provide training certificates from recognised organisations as proof of their competence, and the certificates should be checked periodically for validity.


Pedestrians should be told to remain confined to routes designated for pedestrians on the construction site. They should also be informed about the procedure for making the drivers aware that they are present.

Inspection and maintenance

In addition to visually checking the dump daily, a program to regularly inspect and service each dump should be finalised based on the instructions of the manufacturer and risks, design of each vehicle. 

Any defects or problems should be reported by the drivers at the earliest. If the problem is affecting the safety, the dumper should be removed from service, and all other problems should be fixed at the earliest.

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