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Concrete Crushing

An eco-friendly, low-cost method of ridding a home or business of unwanted building materials and rubble is by hiring a concrete crusher to recycle it. Our concrete crushing service will transform these materials into aggregate which can be sold, reused or easily disposed of.

Our concrete crushing plants are equipped for handling up to 200 tons of concrete and masonry per hour. But, most tend to have between 60 and 80 tons of waste material. We then can turn it into 2,500 tons of reusable product within one business week.

The mighty 1100 x 800 Pegson concrete crusher we have on site can pulverise 300 tons of debris per hour. This powerful machine is operated by our highly skilled operatives according to the CPCS (Construction Plant Competence Scheme) regulations. 

concrete crusher working on site

If you do not have a sufficient amount of debris for crushing; another option is bringing them directly to the plant itself. Acceptable materials include concrete, rocks, masonry, brickwork, and items which can run through the crusher. From there we take such materials to our plant, thus saving you the time and money from hauling it away to the nearest landfill facility. 

Concrete is a valuable raw material that's commonly recycled. Its strength and durability exceed all other and has found uses in a versatile range of purposes. Some of these include composite materials used by concrete providers, road foundations, ready-to-pour concrete for construction sites and road pavement; concrete blocks, for producing prefabricated materials and a wide variety of others.

Taking unwanted concrete and reutilising it is an environmentally-friendly way of handling things. Help to clear your property of waste and putting it to good use!

We offer our services for County Durham. Contact us if you require digger or dumper hire in the north east. Read about the areas that we cover for concrete crushing.