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Can I Operate a Digger Myself

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  • 03-10-2019
Can I Operate a Digger Myself

Operating a mini excavator

Most land excavation projects will require the use of a digger. Which means that you will need to hire it and learn how to operate it yourself or you do have the option to hire a machine with an operator. You can hire excavation machinery from a plant hire shop, and will be able to operate the machinery yourself. Projects that involve a limited amount of soil excavation such as a garden or pond landscaping can be done domestically with the right motivation.

The operator manual

Carefully look over your operator manual to ensure you are familiar with the target location and description of controls. Some of the top brands worth getting a mention are the Bobcat, Kubota, Kobelco, Case, IHI, etc. The differences between these standard minis are minimal and depend on the manufacturer.

Check out the warning labels

Carefully study the stickers and warning labels posted on the machine for specific warnings and instructions on the machine to use or rent. You will notice information about their maintenance, specification charts, and other information pegged in the manufacturer reference tag. This helps when ordering parts with serial numbers and information showing where they are made.

Method of delivery

You can arrange with a local rental business to pick up their machine and use it. It works best if you have a heavy-duty trailer or a truck. A standard pickup truck can easily tow a mini excavator, provided the weight of the machine and the accompanying trailer does not exceed that of the capacity of the truck.

Have your excavator delivered

Minis are known for their stability and balance. Set them firmly on an even, cleared area that does not pose any risk of overturning. Ensure there are no damaged or hazardous parts lying around that can jeopardise normal operations. Look for oil leaks, dripping fluids, or loose control cables or linkages. Be on the alert to avert any potential danger.

Mount onto the machine

You will see the control assembly on the left of the operator seat flips up and out giving way for the user to access it. Pull the handle on the front part up, and everything will swing back again. Grab the handhold attached to the rollover frame, set yourself on the right track and turn yourself onto the deck.

After getting seated pull back down the armrest and adjust the lever to lock in place. The process is not that complicated, and you can easily replicate it once you are shown.

Are you ready to hire a mini digger?

Learning to operate a mini digger can be intimidating, but over time, you should be able to work out the correct way to use it. If you require additional help, ask a trained operator to show you the basic controls.

If you require plant machinery hire within the Durham or Washington area, contact our digger hire company today to discuss your needs.