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Bulk Haulage

At some point, every business needs to transport bulk goods from one point to another. It is quite challenging to find a good company that you can trust and offer their services at a friendly cost. Our large fleet of haulage vehicles are capable of transporting a wide range of materials including recyclable materials, waste and aggregates. 

  • Aggregates
  • Excavated material
  • Fertilisers
  • Rock salt
  • Equestrian surfaces, rubber crumb and fibre
  • Stock feeds, fodder beets, potatoes
  • Any other bulk products

close up view of company vehicle

Over the years we have continued to invest in our fleet of vehicles by adding high standard vehicles that have advanced safety features. The vehicles have GPS tracking to ensure that each driver is located at all times as well as giving updates to our clients especially if we are hauling the goods for long distances. Our managers are trained and qualified to ensure that the goods being hauled are taken care of. 

Some of the things that should be considered include cleaning, loading, carrying, sanitising and unloading. We have bulk haulage reports that ease the entire process. The vehicle software reports on the last three tanker’s to ensure that all the necessary checks were made. Since we have been offering these services for a long period, we always deliver on time and within your budget.

rear view of haulage lorry on motorway

Haulage refers to transporting goods by rail or roads, including coal, ore, supplies or waste. This is also known as cartage or drayage. 

Some of the challenges bulk hauliers face is delivering goods at multiple sites at different times, sticking to the schedule and still are cost-effectively offering the services. 

Although these challenges can be hard to beat, if the bulk hauliers are experienced, dedicated and have planned their schedule, they can overcome them.

Our bulk haulage reports play a huge role in ensuring success in delivering bulk products at different locations. The reports allow you to plan the routes that the drivers will take to eliminate driver restrictions or locations that are inaccessible. 

We have been offering bulk services for many years making us one of the most reliable companies to offer such services. We haul a wide range of products including rock, gravel and sand, rock salt, recycled aggregates, topsoil and rubber chip among others.

We offer our services for County Durham. Contact us if you require digger or dumper hire in the north east. Read about the areas that we cover for bulk haulage.